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Please view the sites of some of our partners in upholstered furniture. We can order any of their products for you. Please contact us with any questions you might have. If you need some advice, we can help advise on the best solution that fits with your home/office/apartment. We strive to give you the best possible deal on anything. Since 1988, we have been at the same location in Chicago providing excellent furnishing solutions for our clients all around North America.

Gala Collezione
Manufacturer of premium quality sofas, modular upholstered furniture in leather and fabrics.
Etap Sofa
Manufacturer of premium upholstered furniture like contemporary sofas, sectionals, modular and chairs in fabric and leather
Bydgoskie Meble
Manufacturer of premium upholstered furniture. It has in collection contemporary and transitional sofas in leather or fabric. Also in its collection other case furniture like dining rooms, bedrooms and wall units.
Traditional and modern sofas made to perfection in fabric or leather. Also offers other case furniture for bedroom and dining room.
Black Red White
Large collection of sofa sets I the middle price point. Please view their entire collection of upholstered furniture.
A straightforward and realistic understanding of the function of furniture signifies that the role of Vero furniture warrants comfort. It is made in both leather and fabric. It is a premium quality product
Quality upholstered furniture in good price point level
Gawin Meble
Very contemporary sofas Italian-style in leather made to perfection in Poland. Beautiful Dining Room products are also available.
High quality upholstered furniture with difference. Company is using wooden components to make unique styles with difference. Please view both available collections.
New Elegance Furniture
Upholstered sofas in fabric and leather in the middle point. Like most of furniture with functions.
Very young and aggressive manufacturer of contemporary sofa beds and sectionals with many advanced functions. Fantastic seat and sleep comfort. Please use online translation to navigate this website.
"Orfeusz" Furniture
traditional and classical sofas of high quality ,for folks with preference for style from fifties of the last century. Please view the page and let us know what you think. Please use translation software.
Dab Gdynia
Middle price point functional sofas
Stolar Furniture
Website of the Polish sofa manufacturer in popular price points made for customers in UK. We obviously deal with the manufacturer in Poland.
Gabi Furniture
Popular price point functional sofas made in fabrics.
Contemporary and traditional sofas of high appeal. Sofas,sectional, chaises and upholstered beds in styles you will not find in many places. Please browse their selection and for sure you will find something for youself. Like all our products we can customize exactly for you.
Rustic style sofas with wooden frame in fabric and leather. Large line of popular styles of sofas in fabrics.Please use translation software on the page.
Large collection of traditional sofas in variety of compositions. Please view the website to choose the style you will like.
Traditional and modern sofa set and rustical styles with wooden frame. Manufacturer exports most of his products to western Europe, especially UK, Nederland’s, France and other.
Goralczyk Furniture
High end relatively small manufacturer, who makes perfect quality furniture totally customize to your needs. Please find it for yourself.
MG Goralczyk Furniture
High-end manufacturer of traditional sofas and other furniture, which may be customized to your needs and taste. Please view the page.
Cieply Furniture
Please view the website of this small, but high-end manufacturer, which allows your order
to be customized to your desires. Please use any translation software to translate the page.
Aris Concept
Manufacturer of designer contemporary and traditional sofas.
Manufacturer of classic, contemporary sofas.
Sofa and sectionals with function in the middle of price point. Like all of our suppliers, we will customize your order to your preferences.
Caya Design
Manufacturer of high-end upholstery and case goods like dining rooms, bedrooms, and more.
Over the years, DES company has gained a leading position among soft upholstered furnishing manufacturers. Possessing state-of-the-art machines and equipment at every production stage, the company provides a final product of outstanding aesthetic and quality standard. Attention to every detail and application of top-level components ensures constant satisfaction of company's clients. All furniture manufactured in DES company are entirely (from 0 to 100%) made on the spot, from woodwork, through sewing and upholstering to finishing. DES company uses the most advanced sewing machines, utilizing for production purposes leathers from the renown Italian tanneries. 90% of living room suites manufactured by DES company are made of top-quality leathers, the remaining 10% are made of upholstery fabrics.
Piaski meble
Manufacturer of functional sofas and sectional in the middle price point. Quality construction with coil springs and wave springs like the most of our products.
Gawin Meble
Manufacturer of functional sofas and sectional in the middle price point. Quality construction with coil springs and wave springs like most of our products.
Kubera meble
Tremendous collection of couches and sectionals. Like all of our partners they manufacturing high-quality products, which will last for years after purchase. Double and triple coil support system. Please inquire for more details and ask us for a quote.

Our collection of dining, bedroom and kitchen furniture includes the most renowned manufacturers in Poland and few some from other countries. We have practical ability to get for you any customer’s choice furniture made in Germany, Italy, and Spain and from other locations. With sophisticated logistics employed we will get for you the styles, designs, customization, and colors, not available anywhere on this part of word. Plus you will be surprised for the tremendous value we will offer for your money. Please browse some manufactures shown underneath. If you have in mind specific styles or model from other European manufacturer do not hesitate to ask us for help. Our business has 28 years’ experience importing European goods which include countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, France and many other countries.

MEBIN produce comfortable and elegant furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices. Furniture systems are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials such us solid wood and natural veneer purchased from leading European manufacturers. Using water lacquers that are friendly for the environment and users has been enjoyed by our customers for years. Searching for best solutions, Mebin designers follow the newest trends in furniture world, projecting practical and ergonomic collections, inspired by modern design. They use high technology which guarantees the highest quality and satisfaction to customers. Furniture Mebin is a combination of workmanship’s perfection, natural elegance and functionality. It is a great proposition for everyone who desires to emphasize interiors beauty and its unrepeatable character.
Szynaka Furniture is designed for people who appreciate convenience and functionality. Modern design, unique coloring and subtle composed lighting elements accent inimitable character of furniture. Through practical configuration, individual programs make possible to create arrangement of interior in different functions: living-room, dining room, bedroom, office, youth room and children’s room. Szynaka Furniture will create a tasteful and comfortable interior.
Black Red White BRW

BRW is an example of modern style with convenience and functionality. The collections are presented showing modular furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, and sets for the office. Furniture systems are made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials purchased from leading European manufacturers. A distinctive feature of BRW products is a wide range of interesting design, reliability and durability of their products. That's why for over 20 years, the company has occupied a leading position in the furniture industry. Another advantage is that the individual modules are easy to assemble into an original, unusual and exclusive group. The elements may be different both in size and in purpose. Compactness and functionality in such cases is valued above all else. With modular systems, to solve this kind of problem is not difficult. BRW Furniture furnishes your home beautifully, from living rooms, offices, bedrooms, nurseries, hallways, dining rooms, to kitchens.
Bogatti is a family, a dynamically developing Polish company with an established position in the furniture industry. Since the inception of our company, we focus on original design and high quality. In the production process of our furniture carefully select the best species of wood and natural veneer. Pretreated material is made using advanced technologies, but ultimately in the production of furniture made of natural materials, human capital is indispensable. Carpentry craftsmanship is not in our company an empty slogan. The knowledge, experience and skills of our employees are the foundation on which we build trust in the brand Bogatti.
Meble Taranko
The Taranko is a furniture factory with decades of experience. Taranko means high quality, rich design, classic style and a diversified palette of colors. Our collections include modern furniture models as well as furniture designed especially for the hotel industry. The beauty of the form and exquisite design, along with the solid construction, are the main assets of our furniture. The production technology of Taranko Furniture is based on the best and proven methods of the carpentry crafts and on the most modern and advanced carpentry technologies. We use the best quality raw and semi-finished materials. The whole process is controlled by an experienced and well-prepared team of designers, technologists, production and logistic specialists. All this has a significant impact on the final features of our furniture: its quality, durability and interesting design. The manufacturer does his best to ensure excellent cooperation with contractors and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the export to many European and non-European countries, Taranko furniture is recognizable not only in Poland.
Ardudana Furniture
Ardudana is a leading manufacturer in Europe specializing in classic furniture made of solid wood with most or details are handicraft to make furniture unique and different from the crowd. They produce bedrooms, dining rooms, sofas, and entry hall and office furniture. For all folks, who wants something perfectly done without typical particle board this furniture will be the obvious choice. Please use translation software to understand description in Romanian.
Paged Meble
Paged Meble S.A. is a furniture manufacturer based in Poland with a wide range of traditional and modern furniture for the housing as commercial market. They are the leading supplier of bent chairs. Paged Meble’s furniture is characterized by unique and innovative design, variety of finishes, and high proportion of carefully selected solid wood and natural veneers.
Swarzedzkie Meble
Classic, traditional, high-quality dining rooms, bedrooms, office as well as upholstered sofas. Please view the website to discover your type of furniture, which you won't find anywhere else.
Forte Furniture
Huge collection of laminated furniture for bedroom,dining room,wall-units, hallway. All at a low price. Forte manafuctures a great variety of products. 

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